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Alcoholic Recovery Stages The Six Stages of Recovery

In some cases, a doctor can prescribe medications that ease the symptoms to make the process more comfortable. Detox or medication-assisted treatment are the best ways to get started on the road to recovery. DT is a life-threatening form of withdrawal that changes breathing, circulation and the body’s ability to control temperature. It can also cause dangerously elevated blood pressure and severe dehydration.

list the stages of recovery from alcoholism

It was then updated in 1992, when it started being used in clinical settings for a variety of behaviors. By studying various mental health and substance use disorder treatment plans, Prochaska, DiClemente and Norcross noted patterns that occur as people progress through a major behavioral shift. The final stage of the Jellinek Curve occurs when the person’s health stabilizes after they stop drinking. The person in recovery has transitioned through detox and immediate treatment to maintain sobriety. They continue to practice sober living habits to change their lives and support their ongoing efforts to manage their alcoholism and regain their life.


No matter how difficult it may be to confront a drinking problem, it is never too early or too late to seek professional help. Even if you have struggled with alcohol use for a long time, you can recover. Peace Valley Recovery seeks to heal individuals and families affected by the disease of addiction through building a bridge to a peaceful and purposeful life. The pre-alcoholic stage occurs before alcohol is ever a real problem. It’s difficult to identify because alcohol has yet to cause any problems and drinking has not become compulsive.

If you are looking for a rehab for alcoholism, Addiction Recovery Services of New Hampshire offers a comprehensive treatment program for alcohol use disorder. They drink stages of alcoholic recovery around the clock in order to avoid severe withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal may create hallucinations and even deadly consequences like stroke and coma at this phase.

Stage Two: Regular Alcohol Use

Despite the wide range of consequences it can cause, drinking alcohol remains a widely acceptable and normalized behavior. AUD is a complex and chronic illness that affects how an individual thinks, acts and behaves. No one is born with AUD; it develops from a combination of risk factors.

list the stages of recovery from alcoholism

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