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Soul mates karmic matchmaking area synastry /composite/ Davison

Soul mates karmic matchmaking area synastry /composite/ Davison

  • Per aspect is definitely worth step one part. For those who have fifteen or more products then you have probably a soulmate otherwise karmic matchmaking. Please note that each of these aspects alone does not determine if or not your otherwise someone else features a beneficial karmic dating. Look at the total synastry / element / davison maps. This type of arent all of the you are able to combos but enough the facets you to found notice and therefore looked significant in my opinion.

Moonlight conjunct Sunshine / Moon quintile Sunrays / Moonlight septile Sunshine / Moonlight novile Sunrays / moonlight sextile sunrays / moonlight trine sunrays / moon reverse sunlight

Moonlight conjunct moon / moonlight sextile moon / moonlight trine moon / moonlight septile moonlight / moonlight novile moonlight / moonlight quintile moon / moonlight opposite moon

Moon conjunct ascendant / moonlight sextile ascendant / moon trine ascendant / moonlight septile ascendant / moon novile ascendant / moonlight quintile migliori siti single per incontri genitori single ascendant

moon conjunct descendant / moon sextile descendant / moonlight trine descendant / moonlight septile descendant / moon novile descendant / mon quintile descendant

Sun conjunct ascendant / sunshine quintile ascendant /sunrays septile ascendant / sun novile ascendant sunrays sextile ascendant / sunlight trine ascendant

Sunlight conjunct descendant / sunrays quintile descendant /sunshine septile descendant / sun novile descendant / sun sextile descendant / sunshine trine descendant

Venus conjunct ascendant / venus trine ascendant / venus sextile ascendant / venus quintile ascendant / venus septile ascendant / venus novile ascendant

Venus conjunct descendant / venus sextile descendant / venus trine descendant / venus septile descendant /venus novile descendant /venus quintile descendant

Moonlight conjunct venus / moon septile venus / moon sextile venus / moonlight trine venus / moon novile venus / moon quintile venus / moon opposite venus

Neptune conjunct ascendant / neptune trine ascendant / neptune sextile ascendant / neptune septile ascendant / neptune novile ascendant / neptune quintile ascendant

Moon conjunct pluto / moonlight trine pluto / moon sextile pluto / moonlight septile pluto / moonlight novile pluto / moonlight quintile pluto

Sunshine conjunct pluto / sun trine pluto / sunrays sextile pluto / sunlight septile pluto / sun novile pluto / sunshine quintile pluto

Venus conjunct pluto / venus sextile pluto/venus trine pluto / venus septile pluto / venus novile pluto / venus quintile pluto

Venus conjunct mars / venus sextile mars / venus trine mars / venus septile mars / venus quintile mars / venus novile mars

Moonlight conjunct neptune / moonlight sextile neptune / moon trine neptune / moon septile neptune/ moonlight novile neptune / moonlight quintile neptune

Sunrays conjunct neptune / sun trine neptune / sunrays sextile neptune / sun septile neptune / sunlight novile neptune / sunlight quintile neptune

Sun Conjunct venus / sunlight sextile venus / sun trine venus / sunlight septile venus / sun novile venus / sunshine quintile venus / sunrays opposite venus

Mercury conjunct pluto / mercury sextile pluto / mercury trine pluto / mercury septile pluto / mercury novile pluto / mercury quintile pluto

Moonlight conjunct mars / moonlight trine mars / moonlight sextile mars / moon septile mars / moon novile mars / moon quintile mars / moon contrary mars

Pluto conjunct ascendant / pluto sextile ascendant / pluto trine ascendant / pluto novile ascendant / pluto septile ascendant / pluto quintile ascendant

Venus conjunct neptune / venus trine neptune / venus sextile neptune / venus septile neptune/ venus novile neptune / venus quintile neptune

Moonlight conjunct saturn / moon trine saturn / moonlight sextile saturn / moon septile saturn / moonlight novile saturn / moonlight quintile saturn

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